$40,000 Donation to Water for Riley

The Spray Group is pleased to announce that it has donated $40,000 to “Water for Riley” to enable the community to complete the “Reflecting Blooms” drinking fountains.

Reflecting Blooms was designed by Michelle Lazo, a student at Alberta College of Art and Design and will be installed in Riley Park. The Water for Riley project was a collaborative effort between the volunteers of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association and The City of Calgary.

Riley Park is adjacent to Spray Group’s The Vic on 5th boutique luxury rental project.

Riley Park is one of the City’s premier urban oasis and is one of the most used parks in the inter-city. The drinking fountains will be a much welcome addition for all those that enjoy the park from cricket players to dog walkers to children attending the playground.

The Spray Group is pleased to have had the opportunity along with other community partners to participate in bringing this project to life.

Spray Group and the future of Canada’s wetlands